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Therapy services for Aberdeen students

First Psychology's Aberdeen practitioners are experienced in working with students and young people with a wide range of issues including anxiety, loneliness, depression/low mood, eating & body image issues, relationship problems, stress, and much more.

We offer therapy in a traditional face-to-face setting as well as online. A combined approach can be particularly helpful for students who wish to have a continuous therapy service that straddles term time and student holidays. We offer therapy sessions during the day, during evenings and also on Saturdays, so you can fit therapy around your lifestyle.


Contributors to poor student mental health

Common factors which impact on student mental health are:
  • Studying away from family and friends who usually provide emotional support
  • Academic pressure and worries about studies, ability. etc
  • Worries about money

Universities and mental health support

Many universities provide mental health support for students who are struggling, however the provision varies widely throughout the UK.

One study carried out in 2023 by Tab and the Campaign Against Living Miserably found that of the 4,000 UK students surveyed, a large proportion were living with some form of mental health difficulty. While this is a concerning figure, perhaps more concerning is that more than half of these students had not shared their issues with their university. Of the students who did seek wellbeing support from their university 65% reported being dissatisfied with the service received.

Common mental health issues affecting students

It is clear that there is a common occurrence of mental health issues among students. The same report found that anxiety was the most common mental health issue that students experienced, with stress and loneliness also common in the students surveyed. Students are struggling with deadlines, social issues, friendships, exam result pressure, relationships and much more and support provided by universities and colleges is not always able to meet their needs.

International students

Being further from family, friends and culture can add to the burden of international students. In addition, they may feel under extra pressure to perform due to the higher tuition fees paid and they may feel there are language barriers preventing them from fully expressing themselves in social settings. This can lead to students feeling alone and disconnected. Find out more about our services for international students

Parents of students

Sending grown up children off to university or college away from home can be a stressful time, but this stress can be exacerbated when a young person is struggling. It can be hard to know what to do for the best, particularly when you may not be familiar with the location they are staying in. If your young person is in agreement, we can speak to them and book them in for an initial session with one of our experienced practitioners. Once they are booked in, if you wish, you can pay for their sessions online so they can focus on feeling better or alternatively, they can pay in person at the end of each session. 

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