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Relaxation techniques

Relaxation is an important tool for helping the body deal with the anxieties and stresses of life. It comes in two forms: immobile and physical. Immobile relaxation includes techniques such as meditation and other activities that may involve sitting or lying and concentrating on breathing. Physical relaxation comes in the form of light exercise or an activity. Gardening, tai chi, swimming walking, painting, etc are all helpful physical techniques as they occupy the mind and therefore free it temporarily from stressors.

There are also other things you can do that can indirectly help you become more relaxed:

Making healthy food choices, such as replacing caffeinated drinks and sweet foods with water and fruit will go a long way to keeping your energy levels more constant and reducing internal stress.

Regular exercise is also important – a twenty minute walk or cycle is usually achievable for most people and will help reduce stress.

Learning to prioritise can help you organise your workload more effectively so that you get things done with out too many stressful last minute panics.

Further information

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