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Psychological services for organisations and businesses in Aberdeen and throughout Scotland

Psychological services for organisations and businesses

Our psychologist-led services for organisations and businessees are specially designed to support the wellbeing and performance of employees. Our services are available in Aberdeen city centre and throughout Scotland.

Our wide range of services include:

Employee counselling, CBT and psychological therapy – a range of services to optimise staff wellbeing

Services to help promote wellbeing in the workplace – designed to enhance awareness of the causes and symptoms of common wellbeing issues in the workplace

Services to enable rehabilitation of employees – we will help you gain a full understanding of an employee's mental health difficulties and give you a prognosis for recovery and treatment options.

We offer bespoke and ready-to-go packages enabling you to fulfil your company's unique requirements. All our services are delivered by highly skilled practitioners with years of experience.

For further information about our services for organisations and businesses, please see our sister First Psychology Assistance website.